Tuesday, December 17, 2013


My chapbook is having a very good week & it's only Tuesday.

For one thing, it's available right now in Powell's. Nothing makes you feel quite as real as having something you wrote in Powell's, right up next to the books in the Small Press section with a little shelf-talker & everything.

It also made it on to Dan Brady's list of the best seven chapbooks he read in 2013, which is deeply flattering.

Although it's only been out a little over a month, there's less than 10 copies left at Greying Ghost, which means my chapbook & I owe everyone that's bought a copy so far a lot of thanks.


  1. Hi Lisa! Great to hear it's going so well. I am not surprised. I got number 13 of The Shore in Parts and it came on Friday the 13th! So lucky me! I'm really delighted with it and quite taken with the poems and the smell of the pages, which to me smells like a bar of handsoap or is that the smell of the shore.

    I would like to write a review of it or at least a little shout out to share my admiration. Maybe, if I can muster up the right words. Thanks a million!

    1. That's so sweet of you to say! I'm glad you got one that was printed early on! I'm sure it's beautiful!

      Let me know if you do write a review -- I'm hoping to promote a couple of them when the second printing comes out, since these sold out pretty quickly!